What is pure water window cleaning?

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Reach and Wash window cleaning, also known as pure water cleaning, is a much more efficient way of window cleaning compared to the traditional ladder, bucket and squeegee method. The Reach and Wash equipment consists of lightweight telescopic poles with a soft brush head on the end that dispenses water onto the windows for the operator to clean the glazing, frames and ledges.

  Mains water is pushed through a series of filters in order to create purified water. Initially, the water passes through a paper filter which removes any sediment. Subsequently, the water is run over a carbon block filter so that any chlorine present can be removed. Finally, the clean water passes through a vessel of high grade resin which provides what experts refer to as 'polishing' - this eliminates any small particles, such as calcium, which can cause unsightly white marks. The entire filtration process ensures that the water is free from contaminants.  

  Window cleaners using pure water will have this loaded in a tank on their van, they are entirely self sufficient. The water is then passed through the telescopic poles and is left to dry on the windows, guaranteeing a streak free finish, no need for cleaning products.

What are the benefits of pure water window cleaning?

Excellent results

This pure water yields a perfect, streak and spot free finish every time when the windows are rinsed and left to air dry. Moreover, the pure water also helps to minimise the risk of dirt and other contaminants building up on the glass over time, ensuring consistently clear and sparkling results every time. Furthermore, the pure water also helps to rinse away any residue from previous cleaning products, leaving windows shining with a natural brilliance. Finally, this method of window cleaning is not only fast and efficient but also cost-effective due to its low running costs and minimal product usage.

No need for chemicals

Pure water window cleaning means cleaning with 100% pure water. Purified water is also eco-friendly and cost effective, making it a great option for any window cleaning job. It has the ability to break down dirt, oils and other contaminants from the surface of windows without the need for harsh chemicals which can be harmful to workers and the environment. The pure water not only cleans surfaces effectively but also leaves them streak free and sparkling with no residue. This makes it a perfect choice for both domestic and commercial buildings, offices, restaurants and other public places where high standards of hygiene are important.

No need for ladders

Reach and Wash window cleaning is an excellent way to clean windows and frames without the need of ladders, ideal for the safety of workers and reducing the risk of accidents. Telescopic poles can be used to reach previously hard-to-reach areas, such as windows above conservatories or velux windows located high up on roofs. These poles are easily manageable, even when extended up to 70ft! Furthermore, many people feel more secure with the idea of a window cleaner working from the ground, not up high looking through their windows!

So how often should windows be cleaned?

This really depends on your location and individual needs, regular window cleaning is usually offered every 4, 8 or 12 weeks. Pure water window cleaning offers long lasting results and by having your windows regularly cleaned not only do you ensure that your windows are sparkling all year round, but you are also keeping them well maintained meaning that dirt and dust doesn’t build up and cause damage to the window frames or glass.

To conclude

If you're in the market for a window cleaner, consider what type of access is available at your home or business. Are there some windows that are difficult to reach with a ladder? Maybe you have velux windows up on the roof? Or perhaps you simply prefer more privacy. In these cases, choosing a window cleaner who offers pure water cleaning would be the best option. Additionally, if you are after an in-depth clean that also covers frames and other parts of the windows, pure water cleaning is still a great choice. At Truclean Plus we provide reliable window cleaning services in Manchester for domestic and commercial customers. We use the latest pure water window cleaning techniques and can keep your windows sparkling all year round.
By Truclean Plus


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