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Render cleaning in Manchester

Truclean Plus provides an expert render cleaning service in Manchester and throughout the northwest. We are able to clean all types of render including K Rend, Weber Render and monocouche. We have experience working at many different types of properties and welcome both domestic and commercial clients.

We clean all types of render in Manchester

We are able to clean all types of render including K Rend, Weber Render and monocouche. Monocouche is French for ‘single layer’ and these renders were originally developed in continental Europe. These renders come pre-coloured and ready for mixing. Other types of render include silicone, polymer, acrylic, cement and lime render.
It is important to keep your render clean
As with all things around the home render does need to be maintained and cleaned to maximise its effective life expectancy. It is very common to see black staining appearing on rendered walls. It looks dirty but typically this is actually black algae that has colonised the porous surface. Black algae thrives on any porous exterior surface that retains some moisture and needs to be removed.
We use the latest equipment to clean render
Truclean Plus are a professional exterior cleaning company and we clean render in Manchester using low pressure soft washing methods. This involves the use of specialist soft wash cleaning chemicals that have been specifically designed to kill and remove green, red and black algae, lichen spots and other biological staining. Soft washing involves applying these chemicals at very low pressure, so rest assured no damage will be caused by soft wash render cleaning.
5* render cleaning in Manchester
We have built up a thriving render cleaning business and many of our customers recommend us to their friends, families and other businesses after we have completed our work at their home or business premises. We work to the highest of standards when render cleaning in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Making sure our customers are happy with the service we provide is central to everything we do.
Competitive prices
We are proud to offer a 5* render cleaning service in Manchester at a very reasonable price. If you are interested in our service and would like a free no obligation quote please give us a call, we can help transform your render to look like new again and make a great first impression. We are confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our affordable prices!

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