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CITY & GUILDS CERTIFICATED & TRAINED OPERATOR – Render cleaning services for all render including K Rend, Weber Render & monocouche in Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire & the northwest

Truclean Plus provide domestic and commercial render cleaning services in Manchester & throughout the northwest.

The owner, Matt, is officially trained and certificated by City and Guilds as a ‘Professional Softwashing Technician.’

We are a professional exterior cleaning company based in Manchester and can clean rendered house and building exteriors and walls. We clean all types of Render including :

  • K Rend
  • Weber Render
  • Monocouche
  • acryllic
  • cement render


How do we clean render in Manchester?

Render is an external wall covering that acts as protection for the brickwork of your home or commercial property and prevents damp from penetrating.

It is also an extremely attractive way of finishing off a building’s appearance and is more aesthetically pleasing than exposed brickwork.

Renders can come pre-coloured such as synthetic resin based coloured render and monocouche.

Alternatively, after render has been applied it can be painted or have an exterior wall coating added in the colour of your choice. These coatings give added protection against weathering and prevent penetrating damp.

As with all things around the home render does need to be maintained and cleaned to maximise its effective life expectancy. It is very common to see black staining appearing on rendered walls. It looks dirty but typically this is actually black algae that has colonised the porous surafce.

Black algae thrives on any porous exterior surface that retains some moisture and needs to be removed.

Truclean Plus are a professional exterior cleaning company and we clean render in Manchester using low pressure soft washing methods. This involves the use of specialist soft wash cleaning chemicals that have been specifically designed to kill and remove green, red and black algae, lichen spots and other biological staining. Soft washing involves applying these chemicals at very low pressure so no damage will be caused by soft wash render cleaning.


Do you jet wash rendered walls and surfaces?

No we do not jet wash render as this will damage a rendered wall and is likely to cause cracks to the wall coating. High powered jet washing is a great way of cleaning patios, decking and driveways but it only cleans what is visible on the surface.

Soft wash render cleaning in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire

House and building render is a porous material which means when it has been colonised by algae and lichens some of the spores are absorbed below the surface and they are unaffected by pressure washing.

However, the soft washing products we use that are only available for professional use are also partly absorbed into the render meaning it kills all the invisible spores under the surface.

Therefore soft wash render cleaning gives the safest, most effective and the deepest cleaning possible for rendered walls. It kills and cleans away algae meaning your render stays cleaner for longer.

We also offer a soft wash roof cleaning service in Manchester and the northwest.


We provide render cleaning throughout Manchester including Cheadle, Heald Green, Altrincham, Hale, Timperley, Wilmslow, Bowdon, Bramhall, Knutsford, Didsbury, Sale and other nearby locations.



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