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Roof cleaning in Cheshire

We provide professional roof cleaning services & roof moss removal in Cheshire. We are experienced roof cleaners and can safely restore and rejuvenate your roof making it look like new again. We are an experienced and trusted roof cleaning company, so if you are looking for roof cleaning in Cheshire, please give us a call!


Its important to keep your roof clean

When it comes to roof cleaning, this is definitely a time to call in the professionals! So leave the ladder in the garage and call Truclean Plus to come and clean your roof. We are proud to offer 5* roof cleaning in Cheshire at a very affordable price. Regular roof maintenance, roof cleaning and moss removal are necessary to prolong the life expectancy and effectiveness of a tiled roof. Excessive moss on a roof can hamper the flow of rainwater down a roof into the gutters from where water is directed into the drains. Roof moss acts like a sponge and soaks up large amounts of water for prolonged periods of time. This means the tiles underneath the moss are kept permanently damp and this can lead to cracks and damage to roof tiles and water then entering the roof. Moss also grows into mortar joints that hold ridge tiles in place and it can easily crack, damage and loosen joints leading to loose and unsafe tiles. So if you are looking for roof cleaning in Cheshire please give us a call, we can help transform your roof to look like new again and make a great first impression. We are confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our affordable prices!

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We use the latest equipment to clean roofs

When roof cleaning in Cheshire we use soft washing alongside eco-friendly cleaning solutions to completely restore roof surfaces. We remove moss from roofs by gently scraping away the moss using specialist, professional moss removal tools. These scrapers are attached to long reach telescopic poles and we manually remove the roof moss. We access the roof using specially developed scaffold towers for commercial use that take us up to the height of the roof and guttering, and from this stable platform we are able to clean away. Our roof cleaning in Cheshire will clean away all moss, lichen, algae, mildew and other organic growths from your roof meaning it will not only look so much better but it will also function better and last longer. When the roof cleaning is complete we then finish off by applying a long lasting anti fungicide product that prevents the regrowth of moss on your roof. Our Cheshire roof cleaning team have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge when it comes to roof cleaning and it is because of this that they are able to produce amazing results for our customers.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a recent development in the cleaning industry and is the low pressure application of specialist cleaning products specifically developed to safely and effectively clean outdoor areas and hard surfaces that could be damaged by high power pressure washing. It is particularly effective at cleaning and removing unsightly black, green and red algae, lichen spots, moss and other biological spores and growths. We use only high quality cleaning products developed for professional use by soft washing contractors. These products are completely safe to be used on all known house and building exteriors and hard surfaces. Soft washing has been proven to be the safest and most effective method for roof cleaning.

5* roof cleaning in Cheshire

We have built up a thriving roof cleaning business and many of our customers recommend us to their friends, families and other businesses after we have completed our work at their home or business premises. We work to the highest of standards when roof cleaning in Cheshire. Making sure our customers are happy with the service we provide is central to everything we do.


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